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Real businesses we love working with

It’s an absolute privilege to work with clients from diverse industries.

What they all have in common is they are smart, driven, and resolutely focused on achieving the best outcomes for their customers, employees and shareholders.

“Our business operates in an environment that is becoming increasingly litigious and contractual, so we often need legal expertise at a moment’s notice. Stanislav and his team of specialists know our business and always respond extremely quickly, providing a brilliant service that we can rely on. Source Legal is a terrific, cost-effective legal solution for a medium sized business like ours.”

Alan Gordon Ford Civil square

Alan Gordon, General Manager, Ford Civil

Driving growth with on-tap legal advice

Source clients digicall assist video thumb image

Digicall Assist shares how Source Legal’s agility and advice made us a great partner on their growth journey.

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Legal support to help save the planet

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Solar Analytics shares how they have benefitted from Source Legal’s on-tap legal services, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house lawyer.

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Here are some of our clients’ testimonials


“We have had a fantastic experience working with Source. They are exceptionally efficient, responsive, and supportive in their approach, and provide quality work tailored to our business. The team are experts in their fields and have guided us through a great deal of HR and legal matters since our engagement. We are delighted to have Source on board as an extension of our internal team. It’s a pleasure working with them, and we would recommend them to anyone!”

Aimie Greenfield
Operations Manager, E4 Recruitment


“I never thought I’d love working with lawyers until I started working with you guys!”

Joshua Ure
Co-Founder, Investmentor

SOURCE client logos SERVCORE

“We started working with Source HR in 2020, and the service has been excellent. It is just like having an in-house HR Manager who is available all through the week, and at short notice. The advice is simple, pragmatic and commercially focused.”

Darren Burnnand
General Manager, Servcore

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”The value of having Source on-tap for unlimited legal, HR and CFO services goes far beyond monthly budget certainty – it enables a much deeper and trusted business relationship. I can ask questions well outside of legal or HR areas because I’m not fearful that the clock is ticking. That ultimately saves everyone time, because the team at Source knows us well enough to provide far more tailored support and recommendations. They’re not like dial-a-lawyer, they feel like one of the family. ”

Ben Grozier
CEO, Classcover

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”Having a fixed monthly fee has evolved in our brain over time – it just makes sense. With Source, we essentially have an in-house legal team, and this has proven to be very powerful, particularly with urgent deadlines. For us, the biggest win with Source is the flexibility and the expedience of their speedy turnaround for advice and contract reviews. ”

Brendan Green


“Mediality moved all legal and HR to Source as part of a large organisational restructure. We couldn’t be happier. It’s like having HR advisors and lawyers in your back pocket. Sensible, pragmatic advice and faster turnaround than we ever got in-house. They’re the secret Source!”

Bruce Davidson
CEO, Mediality

SOURCE client logos PRM

”Contracts are a huge part of our business, and often include a minefield of clauses that can leave us exposed to risk. Having Source Legal on-call to review contracts and provide advice to protect our business is indispensable – and they’ve certainly saved us on more than one occasion. They are our trusted advisors for anything contract or legal related.”

Jared Clifford
Managing Director – Workplace Safety Risk, Progressive Risk Management

SOURCE client logos ambition

”We turn to Source for advice on employment law, such as how to handle certain situations. The freedom to pick up the phone and not think ‘How much is this going to cost the business?’ is invaluable. I love that I have one point of contact, whatever my question, and I get down-to-earth advice that’s highly responsive.”

Linda McEvilly
Senior Human Resources Advisor, Ambition

SOURCE client logos FordCivil

”Our business operates in an environment that is becoming increasingly litigious and contractual, so we often need legal expertise at a moment’s notice. Stanislav and his team of specialists know our business and always respond extremely quickly, providing a brilliant service that we can rely on. Source Legal is a terrific, cost-effective legal solution for a medium sized business like ours.”

Alan Gordon
General Manager, Ford Civil

SOURCE client logos livig edge

”Living Edge have engaged Source Legal as our outsourced in-house legal counsel for the last two years. Their service is exceptional with very quick turnaround on contractual reviews, along with commercial guidance that reflects our business needs. We use Source Legal exclusively for contracts, HR and I.T. legal advice and would recommend them to any organisation looking for a cost effective legal advice and compliance solution.”

James Morton
CFO, Living Edge

SOURCE client logos Digicall Assist

”Source Legal are an important and trusted partner to Digicall Assist. Across a diverse range of legal issues, Stanislav and his team have consistently demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, providing us with commercially focussed advice and contractual reviews when needed. ”

Michael Curtin
CEO, Digicall Assist

SOURCE client logos Dynamiq

”This service is exactly what a medium-sized business like ours needs. Our people get quick and practical advice without worrying about the clock ticking on a lawyer’s desk.”

Anthony Moorhouse
CEO, Dynamiq

SOURCE client logos EDT

”We are a small construction business. It is invaluable for us to have our “go to” lawyers with Source Legal for any contracts or claims. We are impressed with Source Legal’s responsiveness, construction law expertise and cost-effectiveness. Their fixed pricing is also tailored for a small business like ours.”

Emilio Di Tommaso
Managing Director, EDT Projects

SOURCE client logos oasis australia

”In more than 25 years of procuring professional services including a wide variety of commercial legal services, I have only rarely encountered lawyers who can provide the right support to businesses offering advice which is both commercially based as well as legally sound. Source Legal has an outstanding approach, focusing on a right sized solution that is value based. Source Legal’s retainer model is, in my view. is a sophisticated and elegant solution for businesses.”

Mike McGrath
CEO, Oasis Australasia


”We have found the unique service provided by Source Legal to be an outstanding solution that fits our business. It really does feel as though we have our own in house legal counsel at a very cost- effective price, whom we can call upon immediately to provide anything from advice on simple matters through to the most complex of legal dilemmas our business faces today.”

Mark Pettitt
Group Managing Director, Permagard

SOURCE client logos ONE

”Imagine working in a fully-resourced corporation, where you can take all your legal headaches to your in-house legal counsel. Imagine further your legal counsel is experienced, efficient, responsive and to-the-point. Source Legal does all this, but instead of imposing a large corporate overhead on your business, it is priced at a level that a small business can afford. Highly recommended.”

Marius Jansen
General Manager, Optimised Network Equipment

SOURCE client logos MIS

”The main thing about Source Legal is that we get high quality, fast and pragmatic legal support. The fact that there is complete price certainty with their service is also important for any business and ours is no exception.”

Hakim Messoussa
General Manager, Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars Oce

SOURCE client logos PYBAR

”Source Legal provides a perfect solution for a mid-sized company like Pybar. With Source Legal, we have not only improved our contract reviews and claim management but have put in place a robust policy on contract terms and a suite of modern plain English contract templates. Source Legal has also conducted practical and tailored contract training for our executives and project personnel.”

David Llewelyn
Contracts Superintendent, Pybar Group

SOURCE client logos Solar Analytics

”As a technology start up with 12 staff, previously we either conducted our legals ourselves and hoped for the best, or when essential, hired external lawyers who were expensive. Source Legal has provided Solar Analytics with excellent on-demand legal services. The quality and timeliness of Source Legal’s support has been consistently outstanding. I would highly recommend them to any small business.”

Stefan Jarnason
CEO, Solar Analytics

SOURCE client logos Attribute Group

”Hayley and the team at SourceHR have been absolute lifesavers! They are always available, offer a customised support model based on the specific needs of our business and they are as timely as they are efficient in providing the information we need. Their key strengths have been their suggestions on improvements to our HR model as this has benefited our business in the short term and will continue to benefit in the long term as well as the wealth of knowledge they bring to our business in every interaction we have. I would happily recommend SourceHR to any business looking to outsource their Human resources model – They are a joy to work with.

Alicia Donovan
Operations Manager, Attribute Group

SOURCE client logos IDP group

“Source Legal’s support is absolutely integral to Addelec and IPD’s contractual requirements. I speak to the Source team most days and their knowledge, support and responsiveness is outstanding.”

Chris McPherson
General Manager, IPD Group

SOURCE client logos ENE HUB

“At ENE.HUB we found the Source retainer model so effective that we extended the service to our entire Group of businesses. The Source team has provided expertise across construction, property, telecommunications, employment and more.”

Scott Williams