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Solar Analytics energy management software makes rooftop solar more profitable for households, businesses, and their energy partners.

INDUSTRY: Software start-up / Environmental

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Solar Analytics shares how they have benefitted from Source’s on-tap legal services, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house lawyer.


Solar Analytics is a start-up, founded in 2013, with an ambitious goal: to save the world. Solar Analytics co-founder and CEO Stefan Jarnason: “What we believe in is a world that is powered by sustainable, clean, abundant affordable electricity.”

Solar Analytics needed an agreed-price legal partner that could help them start and scale the business with confidence.


After meeting Source Legal’s managing director, Stanislav Roth, at a start-up event, Solar Analytics’ CEO Stefan Jarnason signed up for Source Legal’s services on the spot, impressed by its unique offering.

“Source Legal offers a service that you’d typically only be able to have if you were a large well-established company and had hired your own in-house lawyer. For a small monthly retainer, Stanislav essentially is our in-house lawyer. We have an on-tap legal expert, with access to the full range of legal services, without the excessive legal bills”, said Stefan.

“And importantly for a startup, because we’re moving and growing very fast, we don’t have to constantly go and ask for a quote to provide services. We simply send the work to Source Legal, and we’ll get it back the same or next day.”

Solar Analytics co-founder and director Dr Renate Egan explains: “Source Legal knows where we are in our business and our growth and development path. The benefit of the subscription model is that we have this strong, ongoing relationship. Source Legal has definite knowledge about what we’re doing, and they’re really quick to respond when we bring new initiatives to them.”

“What that really means is that we can move very quickly and with a lot of confidence to execute on our plans.”

Stefan Jarnason, Solar Analytics CEO


Solar Analytics has grown rapidly over the past seven years. According to Dr Egan, “Source Legal has been a key business partner in that growth journey. We have an on-tap legal expert, to help us keep growing quickly. With Source Legal, Solar Analytics has someone in our corner, who can help us navigate changes.”

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