Commercially practical, decisive and hyper-responsive

Is your typical legal support complicated, risk-averse and slow? We hear you.

We’re here to give you a completely different service experience: Legal and HR support that is commercially practical, decisive and hyper-responsive.

We know this sets us apart, as our clients tell us all the time that this is what they love about partnering with Source.

Additionally, with Source, you have complete budget certainty – whether for discrete projects or ongoing, on-tap support from our team of specialists. Large or small, we never charge by time, and always agree a price upfront.

If you’re looking for a team that is an extension of your business, you’ve found it.

Experience the Source difference
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Source – Experience a law firm like no other

“I never thought I’d love working with lawyers until I started working with you guys!”

Source client Joshua Ure Co Founder Investmentor

Joshua Ure, Co-Founder, Investmentor

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What you’ll love about Source

Value-based pricing

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Agreeing a price upfront is just the start. What’s even more important, is that the agreed price is based on the value to you. That is what sets the price we charge, not our time. This is what we mean by value-based pricing.

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Monthly retainers

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Our retainer model is one of the key differentiators of Source. Much loved by our clients, with a retainer you pay an agreed monthly price for on-tap support for all your business as usual needs. We tailor retainers for each client, considering their size, complexity, industry, and anticipated needs, and agree the price upfront. This gives you budget certainty, and confidence that all your day-to-day needs will be taken care of. Only major non-BAU needs are excluded, such as litigation or M&A work.

Retainers work on a month-to-month basis. There is nothing locked in and they can be cancelled at any time with one month’s notice. Our aim is to develop a close and long-term relationship with our clients by providing great service, not by locking them into a contract.

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In-house style

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The Source model replicates well-run internal legal, HR and Finance teams. This means we get to know your business and your stakeholders, and you feel like we’re part of your team.

Your business gets the services and support you need, whenever you need it. You never need to feel like the clock is ticking, or that you’re asking too much. This is what we mean by right-sized support.

While we do ad hoc projects, our focus is on becoming ongoing business partners with our clients, via an agreed-price monthly retainer.

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Straightforward & hyper-responsive

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We know that legalese and getting legal advice that’s hard-to-follow is frustrating. That’s why we only provide clear and decisive advice, in plain English, in a way that makes things easier for you, not more complicated. As your outsourced in-house team, moving your business forward is our priority, so our advice is always pragmatic and commercially savvy.

Equally, hyper-responsiveness is what’s needed when legal, HR and other matters arise. Our clients always hear back from us quickly – we never leave you waiting and wondering. Super fast turnarounds are a fundamental part of what you can expect when you partner with Source.

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“I can go to them at any time, and always get a very quick response. That has helped us get new business. Having Source Legal’s agility aligned to ours has meant we’ve been able to focus on providing our clients the very highest level of service and care to our clients and their customers.”

DigicallAssist Michael Curtin CEO square

Michael Curtin, CEO, Digicall Assist

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