When is a start-up no longer a start-up? Source Legal has made the leap from our founder’s ‘lightbulb moment’ in 2010, to being lauded on the national stage for excellence in small business practices. We understand that it’s essential to have more than just an idea or a vision when creating a disruptive business. Here we share some of our journey on how we’ve made the transition from start-up to an award-winning small business.

When Source Legal was started, it was a bold experiment, unlike anything in the market. Founder Stanislav Roth’s vision was to create a law firm with a difference – one that makes quality legal support accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size – by never charging for time, only for the value delivered. But even an inspired idea can only become business reality when you have the whole package – understanding what your clients want, and having the right approach, expertise and team culture that enables that.

Innovation and excellence across customer service, culture, and expertise.

We’ve continued to innovate on our core offering, of providing unlimited commercial legal support to SMEs on an agreed-price retainer basis, with packages for start-ups, and an expanded suite of services. We listen to what our clients need, and aren’t afraid to try new ideas. We don’t have a one-size-fits all approach, but tailor our services, and adapt as needs and expectations change.

Getting the pricing model and philosophy right is important, and for Source Legal are key differentiators. Yet we also know that the quality of our services is just as critical. But it’s not enough to ensure that technical skills are top-notch. Clients need creative, solution-oriented approaches that help them think beyond business-as-usual, to what might be possible. As we’ve expanded our team, we bring on board lawyers that have real-world experience in operating businesses, as well as deep legal expertise across different industries. They also have a commitment to continuous learning, and a collaborative, innovation mindset. This means that when we are working with our clients, who are tackling disruption and fast-paced change, we don’t just bring our legal knowledge and skills to bear, we also have a foot in the business world – so clients get the best of both worlds.

Consistent with our core values, highly flexible, and family-friendly workplace arrangements exist for all team members. This is combined with a culture that empowers team members to excel, with a more autonomous and rewarding framework.

Being named ‘Legal Services Champion’ at the Australian Small Business Champion Awards recently follows other recent accolades for Source Legal, including being named the overall ‘Business of the Year’ and ‘Professional Services Business of the Year’ in the Optus MyBusiness Awards in late 2017, amongst others.

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