By Stanislav Roth

It’s definitely one of those milestone months!

Ten years ago, when I created Source Legal, I had an unspoken dream that it would evolve into much more than a law firm and become a ‘go to’ place for all professional services for smaller and medium sized businesses. And while, like most dreams, it’s taken longer to realise than I imagined, the day has arrived!

Source Legal has grown from a one-man-band taking an untested idea to the market, to being widely recognised for being a game-changer in the legal industry, backed by an entire team of exceptional professionals. Our model of providing unlimited legal services on a monthly retainer, characterised by hyper-responsiveness, decisiveness and commercial pragmatism, has proved to be exactly what SMEs wanted, even if they didn’t know it was possible to get such a service.

And now we’ve taken this uniquely client-centric approach and extended it to other key professional services.


The first step in evolving from a law firm to a professional services firm was to launch Source HR in 2018. Source HR delivers ‘business as usual’ as well as transformational and strategic HR services to businesses, all via the same agreed-price, unlimited service retainer model as Source Legal. Our clients have responded with huge enthusiasm. In the same way many SMEs thought they couldn’t afford quality legal services, they’re excited to discover they can access exceptional HR support.

More recently we’ve taken the next big step, launching Source CFO. Like the name suggests, this division provides financial management services from highly experienced CFOs, which deliver immediate and ongoing benefits to our clients’ bottom line, again exclusively on an agreed-price basis.

With three core support functions covered – legal, HR and finance – we’re excited at adding huge value to businesses, freeing owners and CEOs up to focus on their growth and operation.


With this shift in our business, it makes sense that we are seen not just as a law firm, but as a professional services firm.

I’m excited to announce we have dropped “Legal” from our name and from now on will be known simply as ‘Source’.

In some ways the change of name is quite subtle, but it underpins a very important evolution from being a legal service provider to being a ‘one stop shop’ for high quality professional services for smaller- and medium-sized businesses.

Legal services will continue to be our core service, and all other services will be supported and underpinned by our legal expertise. Our legal services business will continue to be referred to as ‘Source Legal’, in the same way that our HR consulting service is referred to as ‘Source HR’.

Here’s to Source! And to making a difference to many more businesses in the years ahead.

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