In-house style legal and HR services, without the in-house price tag.

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Source provides on-tap Legal and HR services to businesses of all sizes, via agreed-price monthly retainers.

Get price-certain, in-house style support to help navigate change and manage business-as-usual issues with confidence. Your business may be too small to justify an in-house lawyer or HR manager, but big enough to have ongoing legal or HR needs. Alternatively, your business may have some in-house legal or HR resources but needs supplementary expertise or capacity. Whether you want legal or HR support, or any combination, Source can tailor the right package of services for your business.


How can we help your business succeed?

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Source Legal helps you navigate the business world’s risks – and its opportunities. We become your legal department, so you get on-tap access to a team of specialist lawyers for support with contracts, employment law, dispute resolution and corporate law needs.

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Source HR protects your business and create a more productive workplace. We become your HR department, so you get on-tap access to a team of experienced HR specialists for support with HR policies, procedures, strategy and advice, issues management, recruitment and training.

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Solutions, no matter what size your business

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Solutions, no matter what size your business

Punch above your weight


We give small businesses affordable access to services usually only available to bigger players.

Level the playing field


Super-charge your mid-sized business, with access to a team of specialists, for less than the cost of In-house resources.

Scale up and flex


Supplement your in-house resources with additional expertise or capacity, or cover staff leave.

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What makes Source different?

Our retainer model is one of the key differentiators of Source – and much loved by our clients. With a retainer, you’ll pay an agreed monthly price for on-tap, in-house style support. We specifically tailor the retainer for business size and needs, and agree the price upfront. This gives you budget-certainty, and confidence that all your day-to-day needs will be taken care of. The retainer works on a month-to-month basis. There is nothing locked in and it can be cancelled any time with one month’s notice. Our aim is to develop a close and long-term relationship with you and your business by providing great service, not by locking you into a contract.

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Book an online meeting here with one of our specialists to get a better understanding of how we can help your business.


Call us now on 1300 416 263 to speak to one of our legal or HR specialists and learn how we can scale up your business.

Call 1300 416 263

Download a copy of our capabilities brochure for a complete overview of our services and how we operate.

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