Source HR now includes immigration services

The last couple of months have made it clear that businesses need to be highly adaptable to survive. It’s been our honour to have supported a large number of business across many different industries during this difficult time with our Source HR service, as they’ve grappled with extraordinary changes to their operations and workforce.

Why 2 is better than 1: HR + Legal

Source HR has the best of both worlds: Strategic HR advice and hands-on support for best practice workplaces and high performing teams, combined with employment law expertise to ensure Fair Work compliance and to respond lawfully to changing situations.

The benefit of this approach has been very apparent in the recent months. The many changes to employees’ working conditions, such as working from home, reducing hours, moving to JobKeeper payments or standing employees down, all required an integrated approach. Many businesses we’ve worked with recently have expressed their appreciation of having this combined employment law and HR specialist support.

Introducing immigration law support

Now, we’re delighted to announce that we’re partnering with Gilton Valeo to bring an additional level of legal expertise in immigration to Source HR.

Gilton Valeo

Gilton Valeo specialises in immigration services and visa compliance. They support businesses to get the right talent by making the immigration process simple, as well as managing visa matters. Even in the current environment this is still a critical service to secure the right talent and ensure compliance.

This means that in one seamless package, Source HR now offers employment law plus immigration law support, combined with all the HR functions. These include HR policies and procedures, recruitment and onboarding, career development initiatives, performance management and organisational cultural change initiatives, training and coaching, as well as general advice.

Your own HR and legal team, with budget certainty

Altogether this means businesses get one team to help navigate change, maximise performance, and protect their business. For an agreed monthly fee, clients get their own in-house HR and legal team to help manage your workplace.

Need help?

Contact Hayley Furer if your business needs HR, employment or immigration assistance.

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