By Stanislav Roth

Australia’s only online portal for one-page contracts saves businesses the pain and expense of creating business contracts, with a suite of free templates that simplify the most common legal arrangements that businesses enter into.

We’ve pared back ten of the most commonly used contracts to provide free one-page plain-English templates. This includes contracts for employing staff or contractors, maintaining confidentiality, supplying and procuring products and licensing intellectual property.

The portal takes the lawyers out of contracts: Anyone can download the templates and use them to create tailor-made contracts within minutes.

Although they are short, the contract templates are robust, thought-through and designed to cover all key issues, enable businesses, especially small businesses and start-ups, to use them with ease and confidence.

Contracts are a fundamental safeguard for businesses wanting to minimise risk and maximise certainty. Too often businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises and start-ups, don’t have the funds or skills to draft their own contracts. If you take the example of supply of goods and services, having a simple but effective contract in place can save both parties to any transaction from misunderstanding, and worse, bad debt or even litigation. Typically, this type of contract runs to dozens of pages in length, involving lawyers on both sides. Our one-page supply of goods and provision of services templates provide most businesses with as much certainty as their 20- or 30-page counterpart, but without the expense.

The following templates can be found at:

Business Agreements

  1. Supply of Goods Agreement
  2. Provision of Services Agreement
  3. Distribution Agreement
  4. Confidentiality Agreement
  5. Agreement to Licence a Product or Service
  6. Website Terms & Conditions

Employment Agreements

  1. Contract of Employment (Full-Time or Part-Time)
  2. Contract of Employment (Casual)
  3. Independent Contractor Agreement
  4. Deed of Release for Payments to Employees
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